In Touch With Every Emotion is a composition of sixty-one poems that transcend gender, culture, age and race. Although autobiographical in concept, it is universal in appeal.

In Touch With Every Emotion encompasses the emotional spectrum of the human experience: the richness of spirituality, the boldness of family strength, the dichotomous pains and pleasures of love, the awakening of self-discovery, and countless other nuances of life. That one feeling you can't quite put into words or describe, I have captured it in one of my poems, guaranteed.

Brightly colored and paperback, In Touch With Every Emotion is the perfect bedside companion, coffee table adornment or topic of discussion.


African-Americans have a long, renowned history telling life lessons through oral tradition. From song lyrics to preaching, African-Americans have found sanctuary in sharing both the joys and miseries of their lives through rhyme. Passing along tales of truth, survival and wisdom is a gift that my forefather's have passed on to me.

I continue that treasured history with the depth and introspection I pour into my poems. Reverence for the “Simple Things” and a “Mother’s Glue” and being able to say “Sista…I’m Sorry” (all are featured poems) are a few of the life journeys I share, keeping with tradition.

In Touch With Every Emotion is truly one of a kind and a joy to all that read it.

Now, if you're ready, open the door to your heart, and let me put you...


"In Touch With Every Emotion"