Careful what you wish for because it just may come true.

You wish for a good man to come into your life, and when he does you don't know what to do.

You ask for a man who is loving, caring, honest, understanding, and strong.

And when he proves he is, and ask you for the same you start singing that same old song.

About how all the others have hurt you so badly, and all the wrong that they have done to you.

But you must understand that before you can demand, you must be the same way too.

I know that it has been difficult, and through it all it has been hard to live.

But I just can't see how you can ask for something that YOU are not ready to give.

We are constantly trying to show you that we still believe in chivalry.

But when we send our hearts to you paid in full, you still charge us for the delivery.

They're still some good men out there who are honest, faithful, and true.

So don't do the same things to us that the others have done to you.

See you must also show us that you are a good woman, and that starts from the healing within you.

Just be careful what you wish for, because that wish just may come true.


Markess A. Wilder 1998