You see my face so full of laughter, happiness, and cheer.

But you just can't see that after, there's nothing but pain, and sorrow here.

I want to tell you how I feel, but no matter how hard I try.

You make me feel that I should hold my emotions in when I hear you say a man is not supposed to cry.

You asked me to share my feelings, and to never be afraid to speak.

But the times that I have come to you and broken down, you've made me feel that I was just being weak.

Communication is the most important thing, but you shut me out, and I don't no why.

I guess It's because you believe that a man is not supposed to cry.

But showing emotions is not a weakness, I think It makes me more of a man.

Why can't you see that it hurts me to hear you say that I can't, but you can.

There are times when I hurt so deeply, that I don't think my wounds will ever heal.

I want to come to you, but you seem to think that a man is not supposed to feel.

Instead I keep It to myself, and inside I'm about to die.

And It's all because you make me afraid to fall...Because a man is not supposed to cry.


Markess A. Wilder 1998