Sista..."I'M SORRY"

Sista I'm sorry...for all the times he made you cry.

I'm sorry for all the times he left you wondering why.

Sista I'm sorry...for the many promises that he never, ever kept.

I'm sorry for all the times that he didn't come home, and all alone you slept.

Sista I'm sorry...that now you think all men will hurt you like he did.

I'm sorry that now you hurt so deep, so you choose to keep your feelings hid.

Sista I'm sorry...please believe that things will get better, but only time can tell you when.

I'm sorry that I was not around to help you pick up the pieces, but I'm here to help you put them back together again.

Sista I'm sorry...but he's not coming back, believing that will only add to your frustration.

I'm sorry but you must do it for yourself, there can only be self gratification.

Sista I'm sorry...if you need more than that to help the echoes of your mind ignore him.

I'm truly sorry, and if that's not enough then allow me to apologize for him.

Sista I'm sorry...I know you've heard it over and over from others.

I'm sorry but I must let you know that there are still some damn good brothers.

Sista I'm sorry...if you haven't noticed that I am the man for you.

I'm sorry if you can't see past his dirty deeds, that I'm willing to do all I can for you.

Sista I'm sorry...if you don't believe me, but I know that hurting you would only put the shame on me.

I'm sorry, but I'm not the one who hurt you, so please don't put the blame on me.

Sista I'm sorry...if you can't see that I'm willing to do whatever it takes.

I'm so, so sorry, and if it means drying your tears for years, I'm willing to pay for his mistakes.

Sista... "I'M SORRY"


Markess A. Wilder 1998