When times get rough, I still stay strong.

I can't begin to count the times in my life that something has gone wrong.

It's been a constant battle, but from problems I won't run.

I endure, through more by giving all praises to THE ONE.

In the worst of times I keep pushing ahead.

Saying to myself it could be worse, I could be dead.

But each morning when I rise to see the sun.

I start my day by giving all praises to THE ONE.

Now you may think your ONE is different from mine,
but in truth they're ONE in the same.

Some just have a different faith, others a different name.

Because the word reads that, "WHO" So Ever Believe In Him,
but of course only through the SON.

Shall not parish, but instead eternally rejoice with THE ONE.

So in good times or bad times call the name.

In any language or religion it still means the same.

And when your long day has ended, and before a new one has begun.

Remember to give all thanks, and praises to THE ONE.


Markess A. Wilder 1998